Tennis Court Maintenance Management Process

The tennis court maintenance management process starts as soon as we receive an enquiry; this is normally an email which we can deal with straight away. When we receive the information, we then get back to the client and ask them to send us their location and images of their existing sport surface. The reason we ask for the location is so we can go onto Google Maps, find the area and then measure the size and dimensions of the facility. When we look at the images, we can see how many visible repairs are needed and make a rough estimate from the photos you have sent us. If you would like an idea of costs for maintenance to your tennis court, please make sure you fill in our quick enquiry form to speak to a member of our team.

Planning the Maintenance Work

After the client has sent over all of the information and we have got the dimensions of the proposed surface, we then create a price quotation and send it straight over to them so they can look at the costs of the tennis court maintenance work. The majority of the time on the quotes, we have an extra over for a binder coat application unless the client has stated they do not want it. This is used to help the surfaces which are fretting by sticking the loose stone back down and adding extra strength.

Tennis Court Maintenance Management Process
Contaminated Sports Court Surface

A lot of smaller companies will offer site visits for each project but we feel as though this is unnecessary as it will waste time and money for the client. This is because from a site visit we would only be able to see what we ask for on photos, and the costs of travelling to site for a day would have to be paid for by the client. On our quotations we price for how many square metres of repairs we can see from the images but if there is more damage within the asphalt tennis court, you will not be able to see them until the cleaning is completed. We repair cracks and holes with 2mm emerald stone, the reason we use emerald stone is because we find the more angular the stone, the better it sticks together, whilst still allowing water to drain through.

Sports Court Cleaning Specialists

If you want your tarmac tennis court maintenance management process carried out correctly, it’s important to use sports court cleaning specialists like us instead of cleaning it yourself or using a driveway cleaner. If you were to not use specialists and they just directly jet washed the macadam surface, it is most likely that the flooring would be more damaged when finished and would have caused a lot more fretting to the asphalt, which will then need to be resurfaced. As we are professionals, we have developed a safer and more effective technique which preserves the macadam surface. Instead of pressure washing directly onto the tarmac and at a high power, we apply the specialist tennis cleaning spray from an angle to reduce the impact on the surface and prevent any further damage.


Please contact our team if you’d like some further details about maintaining sports surfaces, and the services that we offer to help. It’s really important to keep on top of cleaning and repairs for any type of outdoor facility, so make sure you have the most up to date information and advice.

Tennis Court Surfacing in Macadam
Renovated Tennis Court Surface

Resurfacing a Macadam Court

In an ideal world, if the macadam has been installed for over 20 years and there are a lot of repairs needed, it would be best to get it resurfaced. However we know that not everyone has that kind of budget or money to spend on their sports court. On our quote, if we have priced for 10 square metres of repairs but after the cleaning we see that there are actually 30 square metres which need doing, then we will ask to client to come and look at the flooring. We will explain to them about how we could install a new wearing course macadam layer but if they cannot afford this, or they don’t have the extra money for the other repairs found, we will ask them to highlight the repairs which need the most attention. If they still don’t want the resurfacing but are willing to pay the extra for the other repairs, we will complete the whole surface and then paint it.

Some people might be reluctant to pay for the extra repairs because they think that if a site visit had been carried out then the additional problems would have been found earlier. However this is not the case, by looking at photos of the area we can see the same issues as if we were to come out to site. It is only after a thorough clean by sports facility cleaning specialists that further areas of damage would be visible.

This video below shows a sport surface which was very badly contaminated and damaged due to a lack of maintenance. Moss and algae had covered the surface and these were inhibiting water drainage which meant the facility was slippery and unsafe. Our team carried out an extensive tennis court cleaning treatment to lift all of the dirt and moss away from the macadam surface. We then applied a new colour coating of anti slip paint in a two toned green design to improve the appearance and give added playing qualities.

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