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A Full PU Track specification on running tracks in the UK are pretty rare but are the premium top quality specification however this does come with a price and generally is the most expensive however many athletes would say you pay for what you get. These Polyurethane Athletics Track Surfaces are impervious so basically non porous and do not allow water to soak through the system. The make up of the Full PU Track surface is a base material flooded with two part flexible polyurethane elastomer and rubberized crumb cast insitu.

The solid PU athletics track wearing course surfacing is a layer of polyurethane resin binder with coloured EPDM rubber crumb cast into the uncured surfacing. The broadcast of the rubber EPDM granules can be carried out in blue, green or red colour with the most common being the latter and know to many as the tartan track colour Full PU Track. The advantages of the Full PU Track is that it is hard wearing, long lasting, high durability with energy boosting elasticity. The Polyurethane Athletics Track Surfaces are perfect for spikes and an elite premium running track specification system.


Full PU Track Costs

Athletics governing bodies of IAAF and UK athletics obviously approve this system however the Full PU Track Costs is clearly more expensive and for this reason in the UK there isn’t as many of these installed compared to the sandwich system or structural spray polymeric athletics surface. If you require Full PU Track Costs to build and construct a new running facility stadium or renovation of an existing track and field facility then please fill in the contact form where we can give advice on the costings and quotations on the works needed to be carried out. As the Full PU Track Costs more then this is the reason the specifications are generally designed towards high performance facilities like the Olympics and this system is specifically good for sprinting and the superior Polyurethane Athletics Track Surfaces design. This flooring option is also known in the market place as full pour athletics track system, solid PU track or multilayer solid polyurethane elastomer track system.


Bespoke Specifications

A number of customers can use a compact facility as a result of specs being so flexible and unique. Different specifications are available including the sandwich system running track which combines two designs of polymeric rubber. Colleges, universities, primary schools as well as high schools can install these to complement current sports activity and play provision. By taking part in different sports and athletics activities, young people from KS1-4 all can build up leaning and physical fitness abilities. More young children may be motivated to participate in the new sporting activities if they have a high quality and appealing facility readily available for them to make use of. For just about any school or college attempting to keep your charges down and stick inside a budget, the compact recreational products offer an excellent option. Compact facilities help present the FUNdamentals of athletics therefore kids can develop primary skills of movement along with physical activity.

UKA looks to raise desire for the sport of athletics and presenting available facilities for children is a big step towards this goal. This is generated more by holding IAAF and IPC World Championships in London in 2017. By permitting children to use the compact facilities, there is a greater opportunity for athletes to enhance their abilities and move into professional clubs as a result. As these facilities could be made to fit a range of athletics track dimensions there are no limits if you only have a small amount of outdoor space.

Costs of Athletic Tracks Services

The costs involved with carrying out athletics track services are different for each project depending on the works which need to take place. Factors which affect the price include the surfacing specification, the area size and the site location; however costs can be managed through a number of other variables to ensure that you get a quote which fits within your budget. The surface type you choose has a big impact on the costs of installing a sports facility so it’s important to decide whether polymeric rubber or needlepunch artificial turf will be the best for your project. We understand that having a full sized athletics facility built is an expensive project, so we can work with you to find a flexible price which suits your organisation and still ensures you get the best possible sports surface to meet your requirements.

Maintenance costs for athletic tracks surfacing will also be different for each facility depending on the scope of the work which needs to be carried out. A simple cleaning and maintenance job will of course cost much less than repairs or resurfacing, this is why it’s important to have proactive maintenance done to ensure future costs are kept to a minimum. Having a regular schedule for maintaining your athletics track will help keep the performance and safety characteristics of the surface in top condition. This also provides a positive sporting experience for the athletes. Please use our contact form if you’d like to speak to use about designs and prices for an athletics track facility and we’ll get back to you with some friendly advice.

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