Long Jump Runway Dimensions

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Long jump runway dimensions will vary depending on the individual specifications of each project and the requirements of the organisation, athletics facilities which are mainly being used by younger children, for example at primary schools, wouldn’t need to have a full runway as they wouldn’t be able to gain much speed over a longer distance. This also means that the school could get a second lane installed which would give a larger area so more people could use the facility at any one time, which is perfect for busy schools with a lot of students that will want to use the long jump. Although if the client needs to fit within a tight budget, having only one lane build would be the better option, allowing the client freedom to customise their sports surfaces. However for more professional athletics clubs, the long jump runway dimensions would have to stay within the guidelines set out by the IAAF athletics governing body due to the facility being used in competitions, this ensures a fair competition and accurate distance results.


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The reason that a lot of schools and higher education centres have asked for a single and multi lane long jump runway, is because they are a great way to stay fit and healthy, improve fitness levels and have fun! More people enjoy this activity because it seems more exciting than running. It is very important for kids to increase their health and physical fitness levels, this can be done quickly using the assembly of sports facilities. We provide a wide range of numerous services that will aid to find the ideal long jump landing pit facility for your needs.

Long Jump Pit Sizing

The clients also have control over the long jump pit sizing, this allows for institutions such as primary schools and high schools to save money over the size of the pit, also as it’s unlikely that primary school children would be able to jump as far as professional athletes, the long jump pit sizing being small won’t affect the facility for them. The standard IAAF size for a long jump pit is 9 meters by 2.75 metres; therefore long jump pit sizing must be to these dimensions if the facility is being used competitively. With the change in long jump pit sizing, the size of the sand pit cover will also have to be altered to ensure it fits the landing pit properly and provides adequate protection, it is essential that you cover your sand pit when it is not in use to maintain good performance characteristics. Having a smaller pit will also help keep costs down, this is good for any institution that needs to fit within a tight budget. We can offer you a flexible quote and help you design a long jump runway and sand pit specification which meets your requirements and fits within your budget guidelines to ensure you’re happy with the final product.


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