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It’s extremely important to keep your sports court properly maintained, the maintenance process ensures that the court remains safe and the playing characteristics don’t falter. There are two main types of basketball court maintenance, the first being proactive work, which is keeping the court completely maintained on a regular basis. This can include deep cleaning and pressure washing the court, as well as regular brushing to remove any debris.

It’s important to make sure that there are no contaminations such as dirt, twigs, leaves and mud on the playing surface as this can seriously affect the playing characteristics of the facility. We can supply you with a quotation for any cleaning or repair work which may be required, so please contact us today.


Costs of Maintaining Basketball Surfaces

The costs of maintaining basketball surfaces will vary depending on a variety of reasons, the main one being the size and dimensions of the court – the bigger the court the longer the maintenance job could take, if spread across two days it’ll cost more due to accommodation charges. Also if the job involves a chemical treatment such as the removal of moss and algae, more agent will be needed therefore increasing the price. However basketball court maintenance should be seen as a long term investment, as with a well maintained surface, the product life will be significantly longer that one that is not maintained.

This means that the costs of maintaining basketball surfaces should be seen as an investment in the future quality of the facility. We also recommend that cleaning and maintenance costs are included in your initial budget for the project as a whole as they really are key factors in the durability and longevity of your basketball surface. However we can tailor a price quote for you which will fit within your budget and still give you a great quality end result.

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Costs for each basketball court maintenance process will vary as it depends on the conditions of the surface as well as the location. Please let us know some basic details of your facility including the dimensions and post code so we can give you the most affordable quote.

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