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The specifications for artificial football pitch dimensions can differ greatly depending on the requirements and budget of the project. The association football guidelines state that a synthetic recreational football surface can vary in length from a minimum of 90m and a maximum of 120m, and can vary in width from a minimum of 45m and a maximum of 90m.

These artificial football pitch dimensions can be tailored to suit the specification and costs requirements of your organisation, whether it is a school, leisure centre or sports club etc. However, if the artificial sports pitch is being used for international matches the guidelines are slightly different, with the length of the pitch varying from 100m to 110m, and the width ranging from 64m to 75m.


Synthetic Football Pitch Size

One goal is placed at each of the two goal-lines; these consist of two vertical posts which are put at equal distances from the two corner flag posts and with a distance of 7.32m from the inner edges of each post. The two upright posts join at the top with a horizontal crossbar which is a distance of 2.44m from the ground, most goals have a net placed behind them, but this is not required by sports governing laws.

In this video you can see our team installing a 3G football surface onto an existing tennis court facility. This was done to improve the function of the area and make it suitable for playing different sports.

We can complete work like this for many facilities if you are looking to transform a sports surface into something new. In many cases, an existing tarmac court can be used as a suitable sub base for synthetic turf to be installed onto.

Soccer Pitches Design

In front of both goals there are two rectangular boxes marked out, these are the goal area and the penalty area and are usually marked out in the same dimensions for each different synthetic football pitch size. The goal area consists of two lines, each starting from the goal line at a distance of 5m from the outer edge of each goal post; these lines extend 5m into the pitch and are joined together by another line. We are able to install sports line markings for a number of different activities on both synthetic turf and hard court facilities.

The penalty area is formed in a similar way to the goal area; however the lines start from the goal-line at 16m from each goal post and extend 16m into the pitch where they are joined together by another line. The penalty mark is located at 11m from the centre of the goal and this is where a penalty kick will be taken from, the penalty arc (or “the D”) is 9.15m from the penalty mark and is marked against the outer edge of the penalty area.


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These are the standard guideline for synthetic pitch size and dimensions and the relevant area line markings, but as you can see the length and width of a football area can vary greatly and can be installed to suit the requirements and budgets of each particular project.

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