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Our specialists can provide artificial football pitch maintenance services including cleaning and repairs to keep your facility in the best condition. This work needs to be done to make sure that the flooring is safe and can be enjoyed by whoever will be using it. Costs for maintaining these pitches will depend entirely on what needs to be done, the size of the area, and your location. We’ll always try to make our prices as cost effective as possible.

It is important that the right kind of surface maintenance is regularly carried out to maintain the quality of your synthetic sports pitch. This will also ensure that it lasts for as long as possible before it requires resurfacing or rejuvenation. There are a number of different ways which a professional sport surfacing company can clean and maintain your artificial football surfacing. These methods will help to keep it in top condition and reduce future costs for your organisation.


Football Pitch Cleaning Costs

The synthetic football pitch cleaning costs vary depending on the amount of work carried out by in house staff or whether they want to have weekly brushes of the artificial carpet carried out by specialists. You can have tests done to determine the best type of cleaning and repair plan for your particular surface based on its specification and requirements to ensure it gets the best possible care.

The overall condition of your facility will have the biggest effect on synthetic football surfacing clean and repair costs as more intensive cleaning will need to be carried out on surfacing which is in very bad condition, however only moderate work would need to take place to maintain the quality of a pitch which is already in good condition. For more information on all of the services that we can provide for synthetic football pitches, please click here –

2G Surfacing Rejuvenation

The video below shows our team carrying out a rejuvenation process for a sand filled sports surface. This was done as the infill was contaminated and it was affecting the playing qualities, making it uncomfortable for players. The dirty sand was removed and replaced with a new layer to give it a more natural feel and better performance characteristics.

If you do not take the time to regularly clean and maintain your artificial football surface, you can expose your facility to a number of pitch problems which are easily avoidable with the help of regular maintenance. These problems could include flooding and waterlogging caused by a loss of surface permeability when rubber infill becomes compacted, as well as contamination from moss and algae which damages the artificial grass fibres and negatively affects the playing and safety characteristics of the pitch. These surfaces are all designed to be fully porous, but if they become clogged up with dirt then they will lose these properties. By keeping these thoroughly cleaned you will help to remove any of these contaminants and make sure that the flooring remains permeable.


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These problems can lead to even bigger costs if left untreated, this is why it is important to carry out proactive methods to prevent these issues. You should also carry out reactive repairs as quickly as possible to deal with any damages which do occur. Our team can advise you on this if you need any help with regards to a regular cleaning plan or repairing a damaged area. Feel free to send us your details through our contact form if you need more information or a quote to carry out artificial football pitch maintenance for you.

Costs for each service will depend on the conditions of the facility and what needs to be done, but we will take this into account when providing a quote. If you have a budget to stick to please let us know and we’ll keep the work as affordable as possible.

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