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We offer specialist hockey pitch maintenance services to make sure that your sports facility is working correctly. Our team are able to carry out thorough cleaning, repairs and rejuvenation for these surfaces. This work is done to prevent damage and repair any issues which may arise due to heavy use or weathering.

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2G Surfacing Rejuvenation

Sports pitch rejuvenation can also be carried out to fix a hockey surface which is holding water or has become dirty and contaminated. This process involves extracting the dirty sand infill and replacing it with another layer of clean silica sand to give the pitch its performance qualities back. Rejuvenating a sand filled grass surface also helps it retain its drainage capabilities to prevent flooding and keep the pitch as an all weather facility. Synthetic grass maintenance is key in making sure that you get the most out of your facility and it’s as safe as possible for the people using it.

Costs of Maintaining Hockey Pitches

The costs of maintaining hockey pitches will vary depending on the work being done and the severity of the problem that is being worked on. Firstly, reactive cleaning and repairs are key in ensuring you get the most out of your facility. This means that the costs could be seen as an investment as in the long term, you won’t have to spend money on renovation and repairs which will be far more expensive than regular reactive maintenance. With regular care and attention you will also greatly extend the product life of the 2G sand filled surface type, which means you won’t have to get the synthetic carpet resurfaced for a much longer period of time which will obviously keep the overall costs down for your institution.

You can have sports surface testing carried out to assess the condition of your facility to help determine an appropriate hockey pitch maintenance scheme. These tests could include ball roll assessments, slip resistance tests and water drainage checks, carrying out surface testing helps to make sure that the sports facility is safe for players and provides good performance characteristics


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