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Our team provide netball court painting services for many outdoor facilities at clubs and schools throughout the UK. This is usually done using acrylic paint which is applied to the tarmac surface. There are plenty of colours to choose from so you can customise the look of your sports surface. As well as adding a vibrant design, the coatings also enhance slip resistance and improve the traction.

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Netball Surface Paint Application

As netball surfaces made from macadam and polymeric rubber usually comply with sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS), all painting coats will help to maintain the porosity of these surfaces and allow for good water drainage to continue. This is a very important aspect of the netball court painting as poor water drainage can lead to flooding on the surface which could make the court unsafe and unsuitable for use if it is not dealt with as quickly as possible. This can also seriously damage the overall product life of the netball surface. The slip resistance qualities of acrylic sports court coatings are achieved by mixing sand and aluminium oxide in with the paint, this improves the grip of the surface and helps to prevent injury from slips and falls.

Costs for Netball Court Painting

The costs involved with netball court painting are usually included as part of the full construction and installation price if you are having the facility built from scratch. However, prices for sports court colour coatings depend on a number of factors including the area size, the surfacing specification and the sports you want the facility to be used for. You can manage the overall costs for a sport surfacing installation project by compromising on certain aspects of the construction, such as the paint coating specification and any extra equipment you choose to install like floodlights and fencing. We can tailor a quote for your project based on your requirements in terms of specification and budget to ensure you get the products and services you need at a great value price.


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