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The most suitable surface for a rugby facility is 3G artificial grass which is infilled with rubber crumb particles to give a more impact absorbing surface and natural playing characteristics. Just like any other sports surface, a specialised rugby pitch cleaning and maintenance schedule is essential for a 3G rugby facility. The artificial surfacing will need to be cleared of all contaminations and debris, this ensures that the players using the facility won’t injure themselves by landing on any twigs or stones. The best rugby pitch cleaning method for removing contaminations is to use a drag brush; this clears any debris and also respreads the infill around the surface to ensure an even playing field. If your infill becomes full of contaminations it can cause the porous properties to falter and fail. Once the infill has been distributed and spread around properly the playing characteristics of the rugby pitch will improve dramatically due to the increase of grip and stability of the surface.

Regular rugby pitch cleaning and maintenance should be a part of any rugby pitch facility’s budget plan. With regular cleaning the pitch will be more durable and have a much longer product life, ensuring that you get the most out of your sports facility. Carrying out appropriate maintenance for a 3G rugby surface also helps to prevent flooding and waterlogging which therefore ensures that the pitch remains safe and suitable for use by players, whether it’s for recreational use at a school, or professional use at a rugby club.


Costs for Cleaning Rugby Surfaces

Discussing costs for cleaning rugby surfaces may seem a daunting prospect, but regular cleaning and maintenance for your sports facility should be seen as an investment. With regular maintenance, the sports facility will be a lot safer for the players using it, especially with a full contact sport like rugby, where injury is already a real possibility. The product life of the sports pitch is also greatly increased, ensuring that you can use the pitch as frequently as you want without it becoming quickly damaged and worn out from overuse. This ensures that the costs of rugby pitch cleaning are an investment as they can reduce the need for expensive repairs and resurfacing in the future.


One of the biggest factors in calculating the costs for cleaning rugby surfaces is the size and dimensions of the sports pitch. Obviously the bigger the sports surface, the more expensive the cleaning job. The severity of the clean will also affect the price, if the cleaning crew have to do the job across two separate days this will add up the costs as they have to have accommodation for the night. We strive to offer the best quality products and services for all our customers to ensure that they are happy and get the best value service, so we can tailor a flexible quote to fit within your budget.

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