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We offer rugby pitch construction services throughout the UK for many facilities using the best quality materials and designs. Our team have worked with many clients to design and install these sports surfaces, and we provide excellent value prices for these projects.

This installation work is carried out at a number of organisations throughout the UK, including schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs and leisure centres. The installation of a 3G synthetic rugby pitch is similar to the installation of an artificial turf football pitch; however rugby usually needs longer pile 3G grass (60mm), and of course requires different line marking. The first process involves completion of the groundworks including excavation, installation of porous sub base, edging and compaction.


3G Pitch Shockpad Installation

When building artificial turf rugby pitches, it is always necessary to install a shockpad between the sub base and the 3G playing surface, this provides impact absorption to improve playing characteristics and reduce the risk of injury to players’ muscles and joints. It also gives the feeling of natural turf for those who are used to playing on a real grass surface. The different high quality shockpads available for long pile 3G rugby pitches include:

Rubber Shockpad – These are made from 2mm-6mm Styrene Butadene Rubber (SBR) rubber crumb which can be laid by hand or by machine, depending on the area size and the specification of the surface.

Prefabricated Shockpad – These are designed to reduce movement and creasing of the synthetic grass surface and can be installed in depths ranging from 10mm-35mm.

Rebounce Shockpad – A foam shockpad which is designed to absorb impact and provide cushioning for players as well as ball rebound. Rebounce shockpads are porous to allow water drainage and can be easily installed on site.

Costs of Building Synthetic Rugby Field

Once the foundations and shockpad have been installed for the rugby pitch construction, the next step is the installation of the artificial turf carpet playing surface. The long pile 3G grass is laid over the sub base and the grass fibres are then filled with an infill of either sand or a combination of sand and rubber crumb particles. This infill helps to keep the grass fibres upright to give good performance characteristics and to ensure that the surface doesn’t become slippery and unsafe.

The costs of rugby pitch construction can vary depending on a number of factors. These factors can include the dimensions and area size of the surface, the specification of artificial grass and shockpads you require, location and whether you would like to install floodlighting and fencing for your facility. Prices and quotes for building a synthetic grass rugby field can be tailored to suit each individual budget and specification. This means you can have full control over the design of your artificial surface to ensure that it meets the requirements of your organisation without going over budget.


Rugby Surfacing Specifications

The advancement in technology of artificial grass rugby surfacing means that the grass fibres are more UV stable to prevent colour fading from sunlight exposure, as well as requiring less maintenance and having greater durability and longevity. These qualities all help to reduce future costs for your organisation by reducing the need for intensive maintenance to repair damage, and resurfacing which can be expensive. Please use our enquiry form to get in touch with us if you need any advise in regards to the installation of a synthetic sports pitch, we can offer you product sheets and costs for a range of specifications.

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