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Rugby pitch fencing is an important component for any rugby pitch construction project. For institutions such as schools and colleges it’s important that vandals don’t get onto the playing surface and cause damage as these sorts of institutions have tight budgets. Rugby pitch fencing offers security from outside influences and ensures that you don’t lose any ball whilst playing on your rugby pitch. The recommended rugby pitch fencing is the super rebound fencing, this allows for the ball to easily rebound off the rugby pitch fencing without causing any damage to the fence or the surrounding area.

The fencing is made from a double 8mm wire that stretches across the width of the rugby pitch fencing. There is then a 6mm wire horizontally placed to create a mesh structure that is extremely durable and strong enough to absorb a lot of impact force. At the end of each goal posts there should be a ball stop netting, this is to ensure that after a kick is made the ball doesn’t get lost and it is easy to retrieve. The most common rugby pitch fencing height is either 3 meters or 5 meters, this gives a lot of coverage around the surface ensuring that balls don’t get lost.


Rugby Surfaces Fencing Costs

Rugby surfaces fencing costs will vary depending mainly on the size of the fencing job in question. A full sized rugby pitch with 5 meter high fencing will of course cost considerably more than a half sized rugby pitch with only 3 meter high fencing. The fencing is important as it acts as a security measure from vandals getting onto the surface that could then graffiti or damage it, as this could prove to be very costly. If you have to stick within a tight budget we do offer alternatives from the super rebound fencing, one example being chain link fencing, this is a much cheaper rugby pitch fencing option which will still offer security measures and for the best part keep balls with the rugby pitch. You can also opt to not have the ball stopping netting behind the goal posts to keep rugby surfaces fencing costs down, however this could lead to an increase in lost balls and ultimately become a hindrance. There are many ways to keep costs lower to fit within your budget that still offer great results. We aim to give you a great value end product which fits within your budget and will ensure that you have a top quality sports facility which can be enjoyed for a long time.


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