Sand Filled Pitch Dimensions

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Sand filled pitch dimensions will vary from project to project depending on what they intend to use the sports facility for. We offer line markings for a variety of different sports, giving you the freedom to choose. This is also should help us to help you find the best sand filled pitch dimensions for you and your institution.


When taking into account the sand filled pitch dimensions, obviously the bigger the sports facility the more expensive it’ll be to construct, but it’ll also be more expensive to clean and maintain, we recommend that you take into account the prices of cleaning and maintaining your sports facility in the initial cost of the project as it really does make a difference. You can also have fencing build around the sports facility, so the sand filled pitch dimensions will also affect the amount of fencing required. Line marking dimensions also have to be taken into account, the bigger the surface area and the more sports you require the surface for, the larger amount of materials required for the line marking, which will increase the price.


Sand Filled Surface Sizing

The sand filled surface sizing can be judged off a variety of factors, the first being its primary purpose, if you are a school with a lot of students, you would like the sand filled surface sizing to be large, allowing for more usage from more people. If you are a leisure centre, the bigger the sand filled surface sizing, the more you can do with the surface. If it’s a full sized pitch you could invest in ball stop netting, and split the pitch into four 5-a-side pitches or a full pitch – this will allow for you to generate more money through renting it out. With a large sports facility, that is usable in all weathers, it’s worth considering investing in flood lighting, this allows for the sports facility to be used during the night time, and for a leisure centre this could be a lucrative investment. The sand filled surface sizing will affect the amount of lighting required due to large pitches obviously needing more.  The larger the perimeter of the area, the more fencing required, fencing is a good idea particularly for big sports facilities, as the can stop the loss of balls and also keep out any potential vandals.

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