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We are specialists in netball court maintenance providing a range of services to keep your facility in top condition. These range from cleaning and simple repairs, to applying new anti slip paint coatings to the flooring. Our team have worked with many schools and sports clubs to carry out this work for a variety of different specifications. If you have a specific budget in mind we’ll be able to adjust our prices to try and make the work as affordable as possible for you.

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Maintaining Netball Surfaces

There are two main types of maintenance that need to be carried out to ensure the highest quality netball court. The first is proactive care, and this should begin as soon as you start using the facility. This method involves making sure that you counteract any potential issues that could become serious problems. An example of proactive maintenance would be moss and algae treatment which is applied to the whole area. We will apply this to ensure that the court is rid of any contamination such as moss and algae by cleaning it with a special agent that stops the growth and spread.

We could also carry out a thorough netball surface cleaning process which helps to remove dirt and debris from the surface. This then prevents the pores within the flooring from getting blocked up and leading to flooding. Making sure that your netball court maintenance scheme happens regularly will ensure that the surfacing is completely safe for the players and the performance characteristics are to the highest quality.

Reactive Court Repairs

The second main form of maintenance is reactive court repairs, and this can consist of many different things. This is dealing with whatever problems may have already occurred, such as faded line marking that needs to be reline marked and holes within the flooring that need repairing. If you have cracks on a macadam surface, we can repair these by filling them in with an emerald stone mixture.

You could also have a specialist binder coat applied to the flooring to tackle and loose stones or fretting and strengthen the surfacing. It is advised that you have a new anti slip paint coating applied every 3-5 years depending on how often your facility is used. This will ensure that the surfacing remains safe and reduces the chance of injuries when playing netball or other sports. Regular care will make sure that the product life is as long as it can be and also will reduce costs in the long term due to not needing resurfacing.


Netball Facility Maintenance Costs

The netball facility maintenance costs will vary depending on the severity of the job in question and how long the job will take to complete. But the main factor to take into account is the size and dimensions of the court. Having to spend money on maintaining your court even though there may not seem like there’s anything wrong with it may be an annoyance but it’s vital in making the most out of your netball surface.

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Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts today if you would like some more advice on looking after your sports facility. We can discuss the prices for our services and offer a quote which will be affordable for you and your organisation.

There are many netball court maintenance methods which we can carry out, and we’ll also be able to advise you on what you can do to look after the surface. Just fill in our contact form today for more details.


We’re able to complete this work to suit a variety of different designs and specifications. If you are interested in a particular type of surface please let us know and we’ll give you some more details on the installation process and services we provide. This can vary for each project depending on the area size, site conditions, and how you would like to use the facility.

Sport Surface Maintenance

Another of the services we provide is netball court maintenance, it is important to look after any sports surface properly; this will help improve the durability and life expectancy of the facility and ensure the safety of those who use it. Some services we offer for a sports court include pressure washing, chemical treatments for moss and algae, repainting and damage repairs.

Having proactive maintenance carried out regularly helps to prevent and damage to the flooring. However reactive maintenance can take place to repair any damage which occurs as a result of weathering, overuse or vandalism. We would recommend checking regularly for any issues to make sure these are quickly dealt with before the facility becomes unsafe.

Carrying out sport surface testing for these facilities helps to cut costs of upkeep as it can determine the key areas which need the most attention. Having an appropriate netball court cleaning plan will keep your flooring in the best possible condition and improve its longevity. This will also maintain good performance characteristics for the court while keeping it safe for players to use.

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The costs involved with carrying out these netball court services can of course vary between each project, depending on the scope and specification of work which is taking place. Prices may be managed through a number of variables such as the type of surfacing you choose to install, the extra equipment you need and the amount and nature of work which will be required. A quote can be devised based on the specification of your project and the budget you have available, this will make sure you get the best possible service and end result for your organisation.

There are different available for each type of surface and facility, we can create a great value project which suits your requirements while remaining within your budget and keeping your players safe. Please use our contact form to get in touch with our specialists if you need more information or a price to carry out one of these netball court services.

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